Masunaga was the first eyewear company founded in Fukui in 1905. The founder, Mr. Gazaemon Masunaga selected the best artisans in Osaka and Tokyo since his goal was to become the best eyewear manufacturing company in Japan.

There are approximately 200 different manufacturing processes necessary to produce spectacle frames. Masunaga has been the only company in the world capable of internalizing all the processes: starting from the availability of raw-materials through the finishing of the product; therefore guaranteeing a control of the quality in each step of the production.

In its early days, the company used to produce eyewear for the imperial family in Japan.  Nowadays Masunaga’s eyewear collections are available in the best shops all over the world and are appreciated by lovers of quality and beauty.

We don’t even necessarily have to make a profit, it twill be the perfection of what we produce to make us rich.” After more than a century,  the company’s morality has not changed and the results are evident.