Filao Paris


Caroline Abrams starts her adventure as a designer and creates a universe focusing on the item by which she is most fascinated: the eyewear.

This is how Filao accessories collection originated.

In her creations, she is inspired by her multiethnic background (Caraibi, India, France and Poland).

Her collection includes: chains for glasses, faces a main (fast reading glasses), bijounettes (dangling jewelry for temples), magnifiers, monocles and all her products are made of top level materials. Acetate items are manufactured in France and Italy. Pearls and gems come from India and Thailand. Swarovski crystals come directly from the Austrian company. All the materials are shipped to Dakar, in Senegal where Caroline grew up and they are assembled locally by young single parents and then shipped back to Paris.

Caroline Abram loves the country where she grew up and keeps the connection strongly alive by giving jobs to the people she grew up with.

Filao accessories represents an alternative to reading glasses. Thanks to their quality and originality, they are the trend-setters in a market created by Caroline and are available only in top level boutiques and fashion stores. Caroline Abram’s accessories are worn by sophistacated and refined men and women all over the world.