In Bologna everybody calls him TALLA.

In 1987 Gianluca Gualandi became an optician and in 2002 he opened a concept store for eyewear and design accessories.  This was his opportunity to discover a new world.

In 2004 at Silmo he met Caroline Abram, who was a designer of accessories for Filao’s brand, he fell in love with her and moved to Paris.

Since 2008 he has been cooperating for the creation and the development of Caroline Abram’s brand and collection which is designed exclusively for women.

In September 2016 he launched the TALLA EYEWEAR collection which is designed exclusively for men. He’s interested in art and loves design and fashion but his biggest passion is cooking.

“By cooking my imagination is freed and enriched. To prepare a plate is like creating a small work of art”.

As a matter of fact, in Talla’s collection one can find eyewear bearing the names of the restaurants that impress Gianluca Gualandi the most.

From his mother, who was a dress designer, he learned the attention to details and the pursuit of perfection.

Pocket squares, cigarettes and glasses cases, scarfs with fashionable designs: all of these accessories are included in the TALLA EYEWEAR collection, designed exclusively for gentlemen.