Mora Busoli

It’s difficult to have the maximum technology and design in one single object: Morà Busoli was able to achieve this. The genius Belgian designer Patrick Hoet and the latest technology commends this modern brand, they give life to the eyewear: from exceptional appeal to maximum technology.

Morà Busoli has always specialized in the mechanics of high precision and the realization of components in bio medical carbon, titanium and steal for clients such as NASA and FERRARI.

They needed two years to develop this project and at the end they came up with a product of pure luxury: varying essences of marble and precious stones that come from all over the world and aeronautical carbon, light weight and resistant. The result is a model with soul made of carbon and dressed in marble that weighs only 32 gr. 11 hours of work are needed for each pair of glasses and 193 steps from industrial to manual.

The brand’s modern approach towards work and research has been recognized at an international level winning the Silmo d’Or 2018 in the category of optical frames-design eyewear in their first candidacy.

Moreover, the brand gives the possibilty to customize the frames with name engravings.

Morà Busoli is an absolute excellence that we have the honor of having among our repertoire of brands..